Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
01. Accounting - Receivables, Payments, Trading History, Statements
Accounting Trade Volume & Balances Summary    
Accounts Receivable Aging Report    
Cash Account Payments Report    
End of Month Statement Processing    
1099B Generator for IRS Tax Reporting    
Accounts Cash Payment Cards Reports    
Member Bank Accounts Reports    
Monthly Trade History Summary Reports    
Collect Trade Tax On Trade Fees    
Enable PayPal Payment Processor API    
Enable PayPal for Exchange Fees    
Corporate Trading Credit Control Paid Invoices Report    
Corporate Trading Credit Control Unpaid Invoices Report    
Payment Card Gateway Processor API    
Exchange Auto Fee Collection Threshold     
02. Broadcast Email to Members, Prospects and Special Interest Groups
Member Group Which Display Balances    
Marketplace Broadcasting to Members Manager    
Create New Email Broadcast    
Broadcasting Emails to Prospects    
Create Multiple Clients Fee Plans Groups    
Create Multiple Clients Status Codes Groups    
Member Bulk In-Email Broadcasting System    
Member Selector for Special Interest Groups    
Exchange Member Group Selector/Creator    
No Threshold Unlimited Daily Email Broadcast to Members    
No Threshold Unlimited Daily Email Broadcast to Prospects    
03. Credit Issuing Management and Credit Control System Features
Brokers Comment and Rating of Member    
Credit Issuing Matrix Assistant    
Show Feature To Edit Client's Credit Matrix    
Line of Credit Matrix Review Report    
Credit Line Issuing Assistant Matrix System    
Member Can View Own Line of Credit Matrix Score    
Members Can View Own Credit Matrix Score/ Charts    
04. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features
Create New Member Wizard    
Create New Notes and Tasks    
Exchange Notes Task Manager     
Create Unlimited Multiple Contacts/User Per Member    
Member Addresses    
Create Unlimited Multiple Addresses Per Member    
Member Map Locations    
Auto Multi-Address Geo-Data Latitude Longitude Look Up    
Live Chat & Instant Messenger module    
Exchange Employee Diary & Task Scheduler    
Client Dairy and Task Scheduler    
Client action notice alert    
Client Bulk Balances Uploader    
Show Feature Import Client Data    
Client Letter-Fax-Email Notification Creator (CRM)    
Create Sub Accounts For Member Employees    
05. Document Vault Features
E-Sigin Contract Requests    
Document Vault Member Sharing    
06. E-commerce Marketplace Features
** Show Marketplace Member Directory    
Marketplace Categories - Yellow Pages    
Member Marketplace Offer Adverts    
Create New Items in the Marketplace    
Marketplace Sales Opportunities    
Marketplace Members Goods and Services Category Listings    
Stock Control & Inventory Transactions System    
Marketplace - Disallow Variable Trade Offers    
Marketplace Default Country Filter    
Marketplace Categories - United Nations Standard Products & Services    
Marketplace Categories - North American Industry Classification    
Marketplace Categories - Exchange Own Custom    
Google Earth Geo-RSS Feed    
Offers/Wants Additional Detail Form    
Show Marketplace Cart Items    
Non Commercial Marketplace Offers Filter    
Marketplace Recent Viewed Items    
Only use Mega Menu Categories for Offers & Wants    
Disable Header Cart    
Enable Marketplace Subscription Prefrences    
Marketplace - Filter By Offices    
Enable Offer Buy Now Options    
Show Feature To Batch Perform    
Marketplace Custom Language For Categories    
Merge Local and Global Marketplace     
Enable Various Offer Currency    
Stop Full Market Access Guest User     
Enable Marketplace Best Offer    
07. Employees and Office/Divisions Features
Set Multiple Exchange Employees    
Show Multiple Employees    
Enable Multiple Offices/Divisions    
Create New Multiple Offices/Divisions    
08. Exchange Custom Website Features
Dedicate Primary Website URL    
System International Culture Setting    
Custom Media File URL Prefix    
Custom Hyperlinks URL Prefix    
Secondary Dual Website URL    
Google Maps API Key     
Client Help and Demonstration Videos    
Custom Home Content URL    
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)    
Custom SSL URL 1    
Custom SSL URL 2    
Custom SSL URL 3    
Custom SSL URL 4    
Custom SSL URL 5    
Web API's     
Web Analytics Script Monitoring API - Google, Yahoo    
Enable Third Party LEFT Bottom Script Popups    
Enable Third Party RIGHT Bottom Script Popups    
Enable Access To Child Exchange    
Create Multiple Sub Trade Exchanges    
Enable Registration Plan    
Promotion Code    
09. Exchange Performance and Statistics Reporting
Exchange Reporting Options    
Full Trading Summary Report    
View All Statement Reports    
Full Monthly & Yearly Summary Reports     
View Full Summary Reports     
Exchange Management Report Creator    
Exchange Management Reporting    
Exchange Performance Health Check Report    
Members View of the Exchange Health Check Report    
10. Global Marketplace Exchange Features
Disable Global Search Include Description    
Global Marketplace Exchange Access    
Global Marketplace Exchange RSS Feeds    
Global Marketplace Exchange Subscriptions Manager    
Create New Global Marketplace Subscription    
Global Marketplace Subscription Feeds In    
Global Marketplace Subscription Feeds Out    
Global Marketplace Alert Notice    
Enable Global Search Include Global Offers    
11. In-Mail Message System Features
In-Email Messaging System    
In-Email & Broadcasts Default Email Address    
Client Message Inbox    
Client Message Sent Box    
Client Message Draft Box    
Client Message Deleted Box    
Member to Member Email Messages    
Client Create New Messages    
Customized Email - Fax Transaction Notifications    
Email Notify Member Content Changes To Broker     
Enable SMS TEXT Processor API    
12. Integrated Content Management System (CMS)
Show Content Manager    
Standard Colour Styles CSS Themes    
Custom Style Sheet Theme    
Customized Colour Styling CSS Themes    
Disable Menu Marketplace    
Disable Menu Member Directory    
Selector for Custom Website Header    
Select Default Dash board Theme for Exchange    
Owns Master Category Translations for their Language    
13. Loyalty Exchange Rewards Program Features (POA)
Member2Consumer (M2C) Loyalty Exchange System    
Select Loyalty Exchange Treasury Account    
Create Multiple Loyalty Exchange Systems    
14. Marketplace Limited Open Access to Public (Read Only)
Enable Scrip/Voucher Escrow Account     
Limited Open Access to Local Exchange Marketplace    
Limited Open Access to Marketplace Members Offers    
Limited Open Access to Marketplace Members Wants    
Limited Open Access to Marketplace Members Categories    
Limited Open Access to Marketplace Member Locations    
Limited Open Access to Global Marketplace Exchange Offers    
Enable Ecommerce Marketplace Page as Default    
15. Member Directory Features
Show Member Balances In Directory    
Member & Contact Directory    
Marketplace Search By Locations    
Show Member Status In Marketplace    
Competitor Marketplace Blocker    
16. Member Purchasing Request Project Planner
Trade Purchase Request Planning System    
Member Quick Purchase Request Planner    
Member Detailed Purchase Request Planning Wizard    
17. Members Manager, Summary, Trading Statistics, LOC Matrix
Exchange Member Reporting System *    
Show Client Accounts    
Member Activity & Account Balances Summary    
Member Contact Status and Email Report    
Member Access Status, Sign Up & Renewal Report    
Member Trading Activity Reports    
Member Purchase Activity & Performance Report    
Show Client's Renewal Options    
Employees to Employee Member Transfer System    
Show Client's Contact Options    
Clients - Filter By Location    
Member Sales Activity & Performance Report    
Member Marketplace Activity & Performance Report    
Members Addresses and Latitude/Longitude Lookup Report    
Members Profiles, Logos, Websites and Directory Listed Report    
Member Taxable Sales Report    
Members - Filtered By Office and Brokers    
Show Client's Tax Sales Report    
Employee/Branch Account Reports    
Create New Trade, Cash And Point Account    
18. Merchant OnTrade EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) Features
Merchant Electronic Point of Sale Swipe Card Terminals    
Disable Automatic Card Numbering Algorithm    
19. Ambassador Club Features
Enable Member Ambassador Club Menu    
Enable Client Ambassador Setting    
Affiliate Program Member Referral Invitation Manager    
20. Sales, Prospecting Features
Sales Prospect & Referral Manager    
Create New Sales Prospects and Referrals    
Transfer Prospects to Sales Consultants    
Online Registration With Payment Cards Details    
21. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media
Exchange Website System Title    
GETS Technology Search engine optimization (SEO)    
Custom Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Meta Tags    
Marketplace Facebook Like Link    
Share Marketplace Items on Social Media Sites API    
Home Page Facebook Like Box    
Twitter Feed Box Embed Script    
22. Smart Phone and Tablet Website Features
Smart Phone Mobile Website    
Smart Phone/ Tablet Application URL (i.e.    
View Marketplace on Mobile App    
View Account Balances on Mobile App    
Transaction Verification Security Pin    
View Transaction on Mobile App    
Create New Sale Transaction    
Add New Purchase on Mobile App     
Find Member Look up on Mobile App    
Search for Member Contact Details    
Create & Receive Emails Messages    
23. System Access and Security Audit Features
Password Reset Option    
Enable Signup Register Captcha    
Enable Signup Register Verify Email with Code    
User Permission and Access Levels to System Options    
Agreement to Exchange Terms & Conditions On 1st Login    
Show Member Activities    
Show Feature To Reset User Access    
Auto Block Multi Attempt Attack Logins    
Client website Embed Login    
Show User Activity Log    
Member Login Audit and IP Mapping Statistics    
IP address lookup & location Checker    
24. System Configuration Manager
Enable Region Top Menu    
Show System Manager    
Responsive Design Marketplace and Directory    
Enable Responsive Design for Home page    
Show Status Codes    
Show Fee Plans    
Show Tax Reporting    
Transaction Fee Payment Method Notice    
Immediate Auto Fee Collection Service    
25. System Help Manager
System Help Manual    
Edit System Help Manual    
View Help Videos     
View Help    
System Bug Reporting & Audit Service    
26. Transaction Manager Features
Transactions Progress Summary Report    
Transaction Detail Summary Report    
Quick Transaction Creator    
Create New Purchase Request    
Show Transaction Quick Summary Popup [+] and Reference Number    
Transaction Account Payment Flow Audit and Invoice Creator    
Show Transaction Confirmation Options    
Create New Detailed Purchase Request    
Transaction Auto Authorizations Clearance System    
Send Authorization Notices to Brokers By Email    
Transaction Verification Security Pin    
Transactions - Filter By Locations    
Transaction Broker and Member Action Notes    
Transaction In-Mail Message System    
Transaction Additional Requirements Details and Booking Form    
Transaction Progress Tracker and User Action Report    
View Shopping Cart Items    
Add Cash Values to Transactions    
Quick Add Bulk Transactions    
Member Auto Confirm Transactions Attendant    
Fee Plan - Combined Purchase & Sales Trade Threshold    
No Purchase and Sales Fees Threshold Limit    
Show Transactions Messaging Section    
Transaction Detail Reports    
Transaction Reputation Rating Feedback    
Auto Invoice All Transactions on Completion    
Transaction Authorization Expiry Notification    
Transactions - Filter By Offices    
Enable Percentage Trade    
Coupon/ Scrip Certificate Creation System    
Member Transaction Complaint Notification    
View Recurring Transaction    
Enable Fee On Annual Renew Transaction Interface     
27. Voucher/ Coupon/ Scrip Creation & Redemption System
Create Scrip Certificate on Cell Phone    
Redeem Mobile Cell Scrip Certificate    
Marketplace Certificate Creator    
Certificate Creator and Printer    
Coupon/ Scrip Certificate Redemption System    
Coupon/ Scrip Certificate QR Code Creator/ Reader    
Enable Edit Trade Percent for Scrip    
28. IPOS (Internet Point of Sale) Application
Enable IPOS Terminal    
Enable IPOS Trade Card Transactions    
Enable IPOS Transfer Funds by Name or A/c Number    
Enable IPOS Terminal to Redeem Certificates    
IPOS Pay Someone by Email or Mobile + Ambassador    
Enable IPOS Terminal Transaction History List    
Ipos Web Path    
29. Employee and Ambassador Commission Reports
Employee Commission Reporting    
Show Employees Commission    
Enable Commission for Line Manager    
Enable Commission for Area Manager    
Enable Commission for Member Ambassador    
Enable Commission for Partner Ambassador    
30. Member Start Menu Options
Enable Client Mega Apps Menu    
Enable Member Ecommerce Start Menu